Celebration Decorations – Balloons – How to Keep away from Widespread Mistakes


In the 18 years that I have been in company, I’ve had an opportunity to observe numerous occasion and celebration decorations. There are a number of quite typical mistakes that surface once again and once more. This is specially distressing given that revenue, time and work are invested, but the outcome – exceptional decoration – is not accomplished.

Commonly speaking, when you program a party, you must do so maintaining your hall or room in mind. austin balloon decoration sounds trivial, but you’d be surprised how many instances this rule is violated, and yet the very same event will call for entirely unique decorations in two different rooms.

A different issue to maintain in mind: we function with human perception, not with the physical size of the space.

Here are some main points that need consideration when you choose on how to decorate party:

1. Height of the ceiling.

A popular error in the room with a low ceiling (say 8′) is to use decorations that “hit” the ceiling or that are also bulky. These balloon decorations will take visual space (even if they do not physically take as well substantially) and will make you and your guests feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable.

For instance, if you have a significant bulky balloon arch at the entrance, numerous guests will feel that they have to bend their head, even if they are less than 6 feet high.

If you use balloon centerpieces with big (three-foot) balloons at your tables, in a space with a low ceiling they will have to be as well low and will feel oppressive and overdone.

On the contrary, if you use balloon columns (particularly, the narrow ones) at the door – they will add height and elegance to the entrance, making each it and the room appear taller.

Similarly, if you use slim, upward-reaching centerpieces at your tables, they will make an illusion of an “unreachable” ceiling, uplifting the whole space.

In the area with a high ceiling or 1 that is too huge there are other constraints – you do not want your guests to really feel lost in a vast space. You might contemplate bringing the ceiling down visually by making use of, for example, a balloon dome or a balloon fountain and to make the space extra cozy by adding bigger structures (bigger balloon arches, balloon walls, and so on.).

You can also “shrink” the space by adding structures along the walls but closer to the center – visually generating the center smaller sized and making an “aisle” along the walls.

2. Colors in the space.

I hear this just about each day: “My colors are gold and white I want gold and white balloon decorations.” Then we get to the room and I see a lot of white ceiling, pale walls and a light floor where white balloons will practically melt into the background and the golden ones will be hardly extra noticeable than white. It is even worse, if the area is a white tent.

The initial factor that comes to thoughts, of course, is – pick out your colors right after you choose the room. This is not normally achievable, but take into consideration adding or taking away a colour to harmonize the colors of the space and the colors of your wedding (infant blue walls will clash with burgundy dresses, but you could possibly be in a position to introduce a mauve in the decorations to blend them).

3. Modest decorations in big space.

As I pointed out earlier, we work with human perception. If you have a party in a very significant area or outside, your decorations (balloon decorations or any other type) are competing for consideration with other objects in the space.