Crystal Healing – Is It a Myth or Does It Truly Work?


Ancient Indian culture and numerous cultures in the East think that rocks do possess a healing energy. The human physique has 7 chakras, the power centers that are positioned in the mid-line of the physique starting from the base of the spine till the crown. When it is compared to the anatomy of the physique, each chakra is linked with an endocrine gland. Energy need to flow freely by way of each of the chakras, which ensures superior health, peace of mind and harmony. Similarly, proper functioning of every endocrine gland ensures physical and mental health. Each chakra is governed by a color and a stone. These stones are known as the chakra healing stones. yellow diamonds of the stones unblocks the chakras and balances the energy for excellent health and properly becoming.

Modern science has generally rejected the claim that crystal healing actually performs. With the use of crystals, the chakras (endocrine) functions can be healed. A current study has shown that the subjects did experience some warmth, tingling sensation and a feeling of nicely-getting or aversion when in contact with stones.

Crystal healers and healing specialists have developed an in depth knowledge of the rocks, mineral and crystals, which are employed as massage stones, crystal therapy stones or healing stones. Spa culture has evolved, where the therapist presents massages utilizing spa stones. Regardless of whether a believer or not, the use of stones for massage or healing or just decoration has a optimistic impact of the mind on the particular person as they possess diverse types and levels of energies.

Is crystal healing a myth?

Dr. Christopher French, a psychologist in London carried out a test on 80 volunteers to test the impact of the crystals. The volunteers have been primed as to what to anticipate and what they can expertise. Some had been offered fake gemstones, though some have been provided real ones. All subjects did encounter what they had been told to count on. This implies that the human mind can be educated and conditioned to anticipate a specific set of final results or sensations as the outcome of the experiment/test.

How does healing crystals operate?

Our entire body is an energy that is expressed in distinctive patterns and densities. When all the energy performs in a harmonious pattern, the balanced power refers to good well being. Any disturbance or imbalance in the energy causes illness and ill wellness, which may be physical, mental or emotional.

All stones are identified to possess energies. The gemstones radiate power in a particular pattern, at a wavelength due to the alignment of the subatomic particles. Crystal healers and authorities understand the pattern that resonates in our physique and complement it with the pattern emitted by the crystal therapy stones. A balance is created with the patterns which aid the body to unblock the chakras and permit totally free flow of power.

Healing is essentially recovery use of healing stones is a holistic method to superior overall health. With no identified side-effects, the use of crystal healing stones is a effective method to regain excellent overall health, peace of mind and happiness.